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-ptahsoft) anyone knows what iptables is? not really supported here, ufw would be for sure its being used on linux servers and i need to know what they're doing :P dinosaur: `man iptables`? dinosaur: maybe there is a more useful howto? dinosaur: you want to see the iptables rules? nacc: no, i want to know what they're doing to understand how to achieve the same thing in an application nacc: i need to write something dinosaur: please don't write iptables rules nacc: yes, you're right nacc: but, i need to do something to manipulate all traffic to a certain port dinosaur: that's a question for #netfilter dinosaur: you want to send all incoming connections on a given port to a different process? nacc: just sending them to the monitor dinosaur: you could probably do that if you knew the network interface and IPs involved nacc: i can do that, yes dinosaur: iptables will *not* do that. dinosaur: iptables is strictly about enabling/disabling traffic nacc: and what about netfilter? nacc: i don't have an iptables expert here nacc: but, i do have an iptables expert :P netstat -tn | grep :80 dinosaur: i don't know what netfilter is, sorry dinosaur: it's not a 'netfilter expert' ioria: you are not understanding the question. nacc: just tell me what the code would be for that dinosaur: afaict, i don't know what the code would be. dinosaur: i mean, you'd need to know the network interfaces,



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